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Often a simple consultation or examination can mean a world of difference to someone. This is why with every session we provide this for free. It gives us good information to give you the treatment you need, as well as transparency for all our clients.


Best Hijama Therapist
Through our best trained Hijama Therapists we want to ensure that clients receive the right care. The ancient tradition of Hijama/Cupping has been a recommended form of physical and spiritual treatment according to the Islamic Faith. “Cupping is among your best remedies.” – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Sterile Equipment
Hijama kenya for ensures it has the best and correct equipment to do the treatments. Whether inside a clinic or at home, our therapists ensure absolute diligence and provide sterile and hygienic environments for our clients treatments.This is why our therapists have been trained with up to date industry standards.
Alternative Treatment
Some healing treatments are not part of conventional medical training. People in Western countries used to consider these treatments outside the mainstream, or “alternative”. All our treatments would be in accordance to the Quran and Sunnah. We hope to implement this as part of our services in the coming future.

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Sunnah Medicine
Here we wish introduce a range of herbal and alternative medicines that were recommended by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). “Every illness has a cure…” – Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him.) We hope to implement this as part of our services in the coming future.
Ruqyah Advice

Divine Ruqyah is from the Quran and Sunnah. Our therapists have a good contacts with Ruqyah advisors. Feel free to speak with our therapists or email with full confidence.